PPC | Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising

$1,249.00 / month

Paid Advertising on Google is the fastest way to guarantee your future clients see your website

Our monthly PPC service includes all the following:
Monthly report based on deep research into your search engine trends
    • who is searching for your site, and where they are going instead
    • words and phrases that  people use when searching for you and your competitors
    • average monthly amount your competitors are spending to push traffic to their sites
Updates to your existing (and new) site content to deliver precisely what search engines are looking for
Modifications to your page’s metadata to make each one more attractive to search engines
Optimization of existing site content (text, images, video) to maximize page load speed. Page Speed is a HUGE factor in search engine ranking
This price is for every item listed above.  The client is also responsible for paying the ad-spend amount (based on your needs)

* The very best online marketing strategies integrate PPC ads, Organic SEO optimization, regular copywriting, and/or social media marketing.  We are happy to offer bundle discounts when pairing these services together.

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