Facebook Ads | Message Testing


Message Testing is an extremely reliable, 30-day service which can statistically determine what your Facebook audience will respond most positively to

Our Facebook Message Testing service includes all the following:
Initial consultation and strategy meeting, and weekly progress reports
Total management of your customized Facebook ad campaign over a roughly 30 day period
    • Week 1: Test 30 different ads at the same time
      Identify the top 20 from this group
    • Week 2: Test 20 top ads at the same time
      Identify the new top 10.
    • Week 3: Test 10 top ads at the same time
      Identify the new top 5.
    • Week 4: Test 5 top ads at the same time
      Identify the final 3 most effective ads.
After roughly 30 days, you will have identified the very best ads to consistently reach your clients and push them to your site
This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to nail down precisely how to maximize your ad budget moving forward
Price includes all of the items listed above, as well as the ad-spend budget for the 30 days. No other costs are required.  
This information is extremely valuable for converting Facebook users into consistent customers by running monthly FB ad campaigns and making content updates to your site

* The very best Online Marketing Strategies include Social Media Marketing, Organic SEO Optimization, PPC ads, and/or Regular Copywriting.  We are happy to offer bundle discounts when pairing these services together.

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