Monthly Premium Service Package

$99.99 $89.99 / month

Includes all Luxos Monthly Support Services

 Full Site Backup
(recommended for all sites)

 Site Maintenance
(recommended for all sites)

 Regular Updates
(recommended for all sites)

 Requested Text Content Updates

 Requested Image and Video Updates

 Free Bonus:  Monthly Speed Testing and Optimizations

Notice: We offer this service on a month-to-month basis, with no contract required. You will automatically be billed each month for as long as you choose to maintain the service.

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Full Site Backup:
A full monthly backup of the website.  Available in the case that site recovery is required. Data is downloaded and stored on encrypted physical storage media, separate from the hosting location. At least two monthly backups are kept at all times.

Site Maintenance & Regular Updates
Ensures that all website elements and connections are functioning correctly, and updated whenever necessary.  If any significant issues exist, the client is notified immediately.

Requested Text Content, Image, and Video Updates
Includes swapping out existing written content for new content, changing or adding images, updating team member or employee bios, modifying menu items, etc.

Please note:
*if requested content changes require significant formatting updates, include additional pages/sections, or introduce new functionality, additional charges may apply.
*Luxos Design will require access to your hosting location in order to properly backup and maintain your site.